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    The Addiction Recovery Services Provided by The Hills Treatment Center

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Drug and alcohol addiction are serious problems, but they can be beat with the right treatment and support. To learn more about making the transition from addiction to sober living, check out the following links:

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    • Learn how many college students are turning to Adderall to help them make the grade in this article in The New York Times.
    • Many people call addiction a weakness, not a disease—but this is a myth. Addiction is a chemical process that occurs in the body, not a lack of willpower. Read more on
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    • Read more about the science of addiction in this informative article from Time Magazine.

    Start living sober today with help from The Hills Treatment Center of Los Angeles. We are here to help both those with addictions and their families on the road to recovery and sobriety. To find out more about the treatment programs we offer, call (800) 724-8207.

    "The Educational Process at The Hills has Made Us Stronger, More Balanced and Peaceful"

    Last updated 4 years ago

    "The journey is still ongoing, but the understanding that has come as a result of the educational process at The Hills has made us stronger, more balanced and peaceful as opposed to the emotional chaos, crisis and never-ending torment we were experiencing as we first walked in those doors when our son was admitted for heroin and alcohol... More
    James P

    Heroin Addiction in America

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Heroin is not a new drug—in fact, it’s been around since the late 1800s. Heroin was originally used as a treatment to help opium and morphine addicts transition to a sober lifestyle. Later, people realized the addictive nature of this drug. To learn more about the history of heroin in American, keep reading.

    Rise of Opium and Morphine

    In the early 1800s, addiction to opium and later morphine had become serious problems. Opium had originally been touted as a cure for alcoholism, though it was also used recreationally by the famous and common alike. Morphine, which was derived from opium in 1810 as a painkilling drug, was believed to be a wonder drug because of its effectiveness in completely numbing pain—and everything else. It was not until after the US Civil War, when tens of thousands of soldiers had received this wonder drug for injuries sustained in battle, that the addictive properties of morphine truly came to light.

    Popularization of Heroin

    Heroin was originally synthesized in 1874 by an English chemist as a cure for the United States’ serious morphine addiction problem, to aid in the transition to sober living for addicts. Like morphine, it was revered as a wonder drug with non-addictive properties that could be used to replace morphine safely to help addicts recover. By 1898, heroin was produced commercially by the Bayer Pharmaceutical Company in Germany and widely distributed for everything from morphine addiction to tuberculosis to the common cold.

    Dangerous Drug Act

    By 1920, the addictive properties of heroin and other such narcotics were unmistakable. Congress passed the Dangerous Drug Act, which made the over-the-counter purchasing of drugs such as heroin, morphine, and opium illegal. But with 200,000 citizens already living with a heroin addiction by 1925, the market certainly wasn’t in danger of disappearing.

    Heroin is highly addictive—but there is help. At The Hills Treatment Center of Los Angeles, our sober living programs will help you transition from addiction to a life free of heroin. To find out more about us, visit us on the Web or call (800) 724-8207 today.

    5-Star Review of The Hills Treatment Center

    Last updated 4 years ago

    "The extraordinary staff at The Hills produces a weekly family session that is the most comprehensive and quality educational program regarding addiction we have ever experienced. After years of confusion and some seriously bad advice from other professionals, we have chosen to follow the guidance of The Hills' staff in exploring our own... More
    Anonymous parent

    How the Hills Treatment Center Can Help College Students Succeed In Their Sobriety

    Last updated 4 years ago

    College is a transitional time for many students. It is often their first experience living away from home and from parents, requiring them to take full responsibility for their lives and their actions. While this can be exciting, it can also be difficult or frightening, and some students resort to alcohol abuse to deal with the negative feelings or in an attempt to fit in.

    If you know a student in this situation or are a student with a drinking problem, then keep reading to learn how college students can achieve sober living by getting the personalized help they need from The Hills Treatment Center of Los Angeles.


    The staff of The Hills Treatment Center understands the difficulties faced by college students today. They know that stress can lead to addiction—in fact, many Hills Treatment Center staff members have faced the challenges of sober living while attending college themselves, and can provide an understanding ear and the right advice for those currently attending college.

    Academic Considerations

    The staff of The Hills Treatment Center understands that facing the challenges of academics and of living sober at the same time can feel overwhelming. Our staff is here to help with both treatment and academic achievement, whether by providing a sober companion while on campus or helping to balance a student’s academic schedule with their sobriety treatment. Finding the right balance is what our staff is here for,

    Coping Skills

    College isn’t only about academics—it’s also about learning to make your own choices, especially under the influence of peer pressure or when you have no parental figures to turn to. The Hills Treatment Center works to not only help students cope with drug addiction, but also the issues and concerns that may have driven them to it. By teaching students healthy coping skills, our staff is preparing them for a future beyond college—and addiction.

    Sober living while in college is a challenge, but not one that is insurmountable. The Hills Treatment Center of Los Angeles is here with knowledgeable, compassionate staff members who are ready to help students face their academic lives drug-free. For more information about our sober living programs, visit our website or call (800) 724-8207 today.

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