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    The Facts of Drug and Alcohol Addiction [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Every day, America sees over 8,400 new drug users. Yet only one in 10 drug users ever seek treatment and rehabilitation. It’s important to understand the current statistics behind drug and alcohol addiction as well as how essential treatment is to regaining control of your life. At The Hills Treatment Center of Los Angeles, we understand the courage it takes to seek treatment. Furthermore, we acknowledge the necessity of personalized drug rehabilitation for each patient, using the most recent and successful methods of addiction treatment. Please take a look at this infographic about drug and alcohol abuse statistics—share it with family and friends to spread this important knowledge.

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    Keep Track of Your Success

    Last updated 3 years ago

    During your alcohol rehabilitation journey, knowing—and celebrating—how long you’ve been sober is important. The Sobriety Keeper app for your iPad or iPhone will help you recognize your success by keeping track of sobriety dates automatically. It is simple to use for instant information during meetings and counseling sessions. The app can also be used to calculate other time and date information by utilizing its start and end date functions.

    At The Hills Treatment Center of Los Angeles, you’ll find the support and direction you need to successfully eliminate drugs and alcohol from your life. You can get more information about our rehabilitation center and programs by calling (323) 476-1380 today. Please visit our website for further details about our treatment plans or to download our drug rehab guide.

    America's Most Abused Drug

    Last updated 3 years ago

    The recreational use of chemical substances has been practiced by a variety of cultures throughout history. In fact, opium use was prevalent in Mesopotamia in 5000 BC, and alcohol use traces its roots back to 3500 BC.

    There are four kinds of chemical substances that are regularly abused across the country: alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, and prescription painkillers. The wide availability of these substances often leads to the misconception that they aren’t incredibly addictive or dangerous. As this video explains, excessive consumption of these drugs can lead to painful physical and emotional symptoms.

    To learn more about drug abuse treatment options, call The Hills Treatment Center at (323) 476-1380. Our program provides drug and alcohol rehab services to the Los Angeles area.

    How Does Alcoholism Affect Your Family?

    Last updated 3 years ago

    When individuals turn to drugs and alcohol, they rarely stop to think of how this behavior might affect others in their lives. Unfortunately, substance abuse doesn’t just affect an addict—this behavior also begins to damage family dynamics. Here’s a brief look at how alcoholism affects the entire family:

    Challenges the Family Structure

    Alcoholism is considered to be a family disease because it threatens the entire family structure and dynamic. The family unit struggling to help an alcoholic member typically experiences a range of symptoms, including denial, enabling, and victimization. Family members sometimes cope by denying how serious the problem is or by worrying excessively about the wellbeing of the alcoholic. Other family members may begin to resent the alcoholic for causing harm to the family.

    Leads to Codependency

    Many addicts become codependent on their friends or family members because these individuals provide much-needed support and stability. Unfortunately, a direct result of codependency is enabling, a process in which particular friends or family members try to help the addict. This help often makes the situation worse, as it encourages the self-destructive behavior and reinforces the sense of entitlement.

    Fosters Resentment

    After a long period of codependency and enabling, it is easy for those close to the addict to begin to blame and resent each other for the situation. Sometimes family members internalize this anger and become frustrated that, despite their efforts, an addict hasn’t become less dependent on alcohol. Many family members lash out at those they care about most.

    If a loved one is suffering from alcoholism, you can help him or her get the treatment needed by calling The Hills Treatment Center at (323) 476-1380. Located on a private Los Angeles road, our facility provides patients with a unique and comprehensive treatment experience. You can visit our website to learn more. 

    A Look at the Specialized Programs Offered by The Hills Treatment Center

    Last updated 3 years ago

    The Hills Treatment Center is a specialized alcohol rehabilitation and drug treatment center that recognizes that individuals need to take unique paths to heal. As a result, we have developed specialized programs to best suit individual treatment needs. Here is a look at the range of programs offered at our state-of-the-art facility. 

    Family Outreach

    At The Hills Treatment Center, we understand that addiction can be emotionally trying for the entire family. Our goal with the Family Outreach program is to help families facing drug or alcohol addiction work together and recover as a whole. We offer in-depth parenting classes to help parents learn how to balance their family obligations and recovery concerns. We also help individual members handle their anxiety issues and develop necessary coping skills.

    Young Adults

    The transition from childhood to adulthood can be filled with a variety of emotions that can be difficult to navigate. Our Young Adults program focuses on helping individuals during this time by teaching them how to navigate the pressures associated with college life, such as financial stress, family obligations, and exposure to alcohol and prescription drugs. We help young students create their own learning plans to help them balance academic achievement with sober life.

    New Lease on Life

    The New Lease on Life program was created to help adults who are experiencing addiction troubles as they age. Many men and women find themselves turning to drugs and alcohol to alleviate the symptoms associated with aging, such as chronic pain. We help these individuals heal mentally, spiritually, and physically. To help restore healthy sleep, we use state-of-the-art blue light technology.   

    Call (323) 476-1380 to learn more about the three treatment homes at The Hills Treatment Center of Los Angeles. Located on a private, secluded road, we offer patients a unique, serene treatment experience. Each one of our treatment homes has a compassionate staff that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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